Our Treatments

We offer everything from a traditional massage, beauty treatments, to a Cyclo-ssage pain management system.



We offer a variety of styles from traditional swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy, and lava shells.



Soak-Off Gel Polish. Professional GELeration manicures and pedicures using Jessica cosmetics.



ARK age aware skincare, luxurious facial and body treatments, and waxing for men and women.



Used for pain management relieving the symptoms of muscle and joint mobility related problems.

ARK Age Aware Skincare

Ark Treatments

ARK Age Aware Skincare.

ARK Age Aware Skincare is prescribed by skin age rather than skin type. There are two main transition periods in the ageing process where there is a dramatic shift in hormone production and a significant change in the way the body functions: late 20s to early 30s and late 50s to early 60s. ARK has looked at the skin externally and internally during these transition periods and divided its skin therapy into three "age appropriate" product lines.

Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shell Massage.

The lava shell is a 100% natural tiger clam shell. It's sourced in the Philipines and is collected from a food waste product. This not only provides food but also jobs for the local industry on the island. The locals prepare the shell for use in massage by sand polishing them in to a smooth tool and glueing them back together.

Lava Shells

Jessica GELeration range

Jessica Treatments

Jessica Cosmetics.

Jessica nails developed products that are used in beauty salons throughout the UK for manicures, pedicures and more recently, Gel Nail with the Jessica GELeration range. Jessica Nails was started in the 1970s by Jessica Vartoughian, who, after opening nail salons in America which attracted celebrities and referrals, developed her range of Jessica nail products, which has now grown to be a worldwide nailcare brand.

Pain management system

Cycloidal Massage with Infrared Heat

The cyclo-ssage system is a combination of Cycloidal Massage with Infrared Heat that provides the ultimate relaxing experience. It is successfully used for pain management relieving the symptoms of muscle and joint mobility related problems; often providing a viable alternative to prescribed medication. It is also extensively used for Beauty and Sports Therapy and will provide relief from many common lifestyle conditions such as back pain, stress and fatigue.


New client Offers - 2021


Aromatherapy or Swedish Body Massage (60 mins) Normally £42 Now £32

Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins) Normally £49 Now £32

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